The Interminable Cockroach Man Comic

I wanted to share an early look at something I’m working on. Over the past two years, I worked on a series of animated episodes featuring my character, the Interminable Cockroach Man. This series was a lot of fun to work on, and really helped me to hammer out some story problems where the previous web-comic version wasn’t working. Two years, however, is far too long to get through just one adventure, when the story brewing in my mind is much larger than that. So I’m going back to comics with this story. I’ve written a script that comes to 141 pages of plot, and will cover four chapters with two “Sunshine Waffles” interludes in between. I look forward to sharing more as this project progresses, but for now enjoy the first eight pages that have grown from the original six pages that Kyle Strickland and I worked on together for the first run of the web comic. Enjoy! page001 page002 page003 page004 page005 page006 page007 page008

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