Self Portrait in Space Armor

It’s been a while since my last update, thanks in no small part due to some computer downtime following a botched motherboard transplant.  My latest character is a self portrait […]


This project was an attempt to move away from realism for a little bit. The character, Yittara Nason, was created by my friend Dan Stirk in High School, and when […]

Ayda and a New Reel

I took a break from Maya recently in order to maintain some familiarity with 3ds Max. The character I created was Ayda, a character with the ability to transform into […]

Cockroach Man

I’ve been a bit slow on the updates lately. Christmas in retail can be fairly demotivational, and I also have a pay project that I’m working on on the side. […]

I’ve updated my demo reel- now in HD. It is posted on the “reel” page, as well as here in this post.

Solar Plexus!

I decided to take a break from the environment I was working on, in order to build a character model. I’ve wanted to make an Unreal Tournament 3 character model […]

My Latest Project

Recently, I’ve started work on an Unreal environment, figuring that was something that might be very useful in my portfolio. What i did not anticipate was how long modeling every […]

Here is my newest model- a female sci-fi warrior based on ancient Greek armor designs.

Amphidrome Touch Screen

I just got a few images of my Amphidrome renders being used on the system control panel at the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center. The first Amphidrome project, a demonstration video, […]

Here is the inaugural post for the latest version of … Lately, I’ve been reworking a few of my models. I’d like to share the comparisons here, as a […]