Fan Art - Telepath

For my latest piece of 3D fan art, I modeled Telepath from the series The Uniques by Comfort Love and Adam Withers. You can see more about the character and […]


A year ago I had the opportunity to pitch for a role illustrating a book aimed at middle school aged children. Working from character descriptions and sample chapters, I designed […]

Cockroach Man Character Models

The Interminable Cockroach Man animated series is moving forward. I am currently modelling and rigging characters, with hopes to start animating in mid-April. Here is a look at the characters completed […]

I’ve been spending the last several months planning a comic with Amy Leigh Strickland based on her Olympia Heights series. On of the early decisions that we came to was that ancient scenes would […]

2014 has been a busy year so far.  Here’s an update on everything I’ve been working on:   The Interminable Cockroach Man in: Beware the Breadophile     It’s been […]

In my last post, I showed screens from Rocketmind’s Big River Fishing, a game which I modeled and textured various fish and environment assets, as well as doing the first […]